Keep track of the liquidity of your business!

Supervision of your accountant

Monitor the work of your accountant, keep track of every activity of your company.

Increase your profits

Using Akauntera, you will have full control over your finances. See where your money is going.

A coffee presentation

Our team is going to give you a short and interactive presentation so that you can better understand the purpose(goal) of this software.


About Akauntera

A perfect software that completely covers the needs of every company. Keep track of your business according to every accounting parameter.

Akauntera is an accounting software that allows you to issue invoices with ease and safely, track your expenses, and monitor your client's full history. You can get a report on the workings of your company at any given moment. Do not lose track of finances.

akauntera control table

All you need

Powerful Features

Swift and easy creation of invoices

The option to issue recurring invoices, categorizing of invoices, invoice status and many other features.

Invoice tracking

Real-time updates of your income, automated sending of invoices, the option to track the total paid and unpaid invoices in a given period.

Expenses tracking

File every expense, follow the liquidity of your company, categorize your expenses.

Client database

Keep all of your clients in the system, check if the invoice is paid. Easy and fast insight.

Supplier database

See who is your biggest supplier and for which period. Plan your budget with the help of Akauntera.

Advanced reports

Success is in the details. Keep track of every detail regarding your finances.



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